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Monday, June 15 2009

WHO: You!!! (anyone who is interested in participating, competing, watching, cheering)

WHAT: Lewisburg’s First Annual Tray Olympics

WHERE: The Green Space

WHEN: Sunday, July 5th at 2:00pm

WHY: Fun! Fun! Fun!

HOW: to participate-- sign up at one of the locations below to watch and cheer-- just show up!

Featuring play by play by Mike Kidd!

Yes, I want to participate!
Sign up sheets are located at The Irish Pub, Del Sol Lounge, and the Stardust Café.

ENTRY FEE for all four competitions
$2 until June 19th
$5 between June 20th and July 4th
$10 on July 5th

Rain or Shine, contestants, judges, and observers will gather at the Irish Pub (109 E. Washington Street) at 1:00pm then head over to the Green Space at 1:45pm. Or just be at the Green Space by 2pm sharp.

*Trays must be balanced on an open palm or fingertips at all times during each event, except stunts/tricks.
* Awards will be given for individual events and overall.

Basic Race in Heels
All competitors line up together wearing at least 3 inch heels and costumes at the starting line with an open bottle filled with water and two glasses half filled. At the signal everyone runs to the finish line. The first one to cross the finish line without dropping or spilling anything wins.

Course: Will be marked with green arrows. Start at sidewalk of parking lot with bank on left. Cross parking lot, turn right at end, down sidewalk toward street, right on sidewalk by Washington Street, end in front of fountain.

Obstacle Course Insanity Challenge
Teams of two complete an obstacle course while carrying a tray with 6 pints of water, plus another tray together with 6 pints of water. Best time wins. Spillage Penalty ranges from1 to 5 seconds depending on the amount spilled. If you drop a drink (or a tray), you are disqualified. Competitors run course one team at a time. A stopwatch will be used at the finish line.

Course: Will be marked with red arrows. Start in front of fountain, run through fountain, veer left up hill and around statue, straight back through with fountain on left, down steps to Jefferson Street sidewalk, left towards Washington, left on Washington sidewalk, back through green space with fountain on right, down steps into parking lot, cross parking lot, thru gate to bank lot, turn right to walkway, right again towards gazebo, around gazebo to the right (counter clockwise), to left side of bench, full circle around bench (clockwise), to park side of fountain and back through fountain to starting point.

Various items are placed around the green space. Contestants have 2 minutes to pick up and place on their trays as many items as they can. After 2 minutes, items will be counted. The contestant who collects the most items wins!!! Trays must be balanced in one hand at all times. If you put your tray down, you are disqualified.

Show your stuff! Individuals or pairs or teams can enter. Impress everyone with your special skill or talent with a tray. Scoring Guidelines below:

Crowd Pleasing/Entertaining
Yawn Hmm Cool WOW
(1pt) (2pts) (3pts) (4pts)

Not So Hot Pretty Good Very Good Fabulous
(1pt) (2pts) (3pts) (4pts)

Extra Points for _________________________ (1pt) (2pts)

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