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Sunday, April 07 2019
Ready for the Summer - 27 Most Fun Pool Floats

The 27 Most Fun Pool Floats You Can Buy Online



Every year, it seems like the novelty float industry really ups the ante. Seriously, the art of inflatables has really advanced in the last few years especially. Now, food and animal themed novelty pool floats rule all, and it's more of a challenge to find one that doesn't fit your personality than it is to find one you love that's unique — you name it, it's probably already a pool float.

If you want a pool float that's as fun-in-the-sun as it is Instagram-worthy, say no more. Below you'll find the coolest floats out there this summer, from light up swans and giant pretzels to bagels and retro convertibles. There's a little something for everyone here, and all of these floats are guaranteed to make your pool days a little more memorable.

1Private Jet


If you can't fly PJ, at least you can float PJ. 

2Llama Float


Now you can hang with your new bestie (AKA this llama) all summer long!

3Angel Wings Float


You'll look like an angel lying on this beauty. It's wide enough that you can really sprawl out, but let's be real: This float is really all about the 'gram.

4Peach Float


Kim K who? You'll feel just peachy relaxing on this all summer. It's wide enough to fit two people, easily.

5Melting Ice Cream Pool Float



Because nothing says summer like ice cream. The cone is angled perfectly, so you can sit in the innertube and rest your head against it.

6Cherry Pool Float


Don't be afraid to get a little fruity with your pool float choices — this cherry float is too cute to pass up.

7Giant LED Light Up Swan Float



If you're a fan of swimming at night, this LED swan will keep you floating on well after dark.

8Rosé Bottle Pool Float

Urban Outfitters

Rosé all day, am I right? With this pool float, you can have your wine and lounge on it, too.

9Jet Ski Pool Float

Neiman Marcus

It's not a real jet ski, but you can still take this totally cool pool float for a ride.

10Leaf Pool Float

Urban Outfitters

Green thumbs will love this pool float, which looks like a giant monstera leaf.

11Giant Pretzel Pool Float


You could keep this salty pretzel all to yourself, or you can share it with two other friends.

12Ginormous Dinosaur Yard Sprinkler

Big Mouth

This giant T-Rex will make you do a double take. Not because it's so tall, but because it's more than a pool float — it's a sprinkler!

13Rainbow Pool Float With Cup Holders

Urban Outfitters

Not only is this float just supremely cool, it also has cup holders for your drinks — plus, it could double as a volleyball net if you feel up for a game.

14Gigantic Pink Flamingo

Big Mouth

Want to blow your guests away at the next summer party? Put this 10-foot-tall flamingo by the pool. 

15Peacock Pool Float


If a swan just isn't your thing, try floating around on a colorful peacock instead.

16Lilac Donut Inner Tube Pool Float

Urban Outfitters

This pool float is so cute, it's almost good enough to eat (and it looks like someone already took a bite out of it — whoops!)

17Large Cactus Float


Soak up the sun on an inflatable cactus, and don't worry — this one's not prickly.

18Pearly Clam Shell Pool Float

Pier 1

Aspiring mermaids, allow me to introduce you to your dream float. It even comes complete with a pearl!

19Inflatable Pineapple Pool Float


If you love all things pineapple, you need this adorable pineapple pool float.

20Retro Pink Convertible Pool Float


Now you can drive off into the sunset in a retro pink convertible — or at least, float around in the sun in one. 

21Rose Gold Flamingo Pool Float


It's just like your standard giant flamingo pool float, but way trendier.

22Rainbow Unicorn Float

Neiman Marcus

Because why wouldn't you want to float around on a giant rainbow unicorn with wings this summer?

23Yacht Pool Float


If you've ever wished you could hang out on a yacht with a bottle of champagne, now's your chance — well, sort of.

24Ice Dragon Pool Lounger


Finally, a float perfect for the Game of Thrones fans in your life — this one's sure to make them feel like Khaleesi. 

25Jellyfish Pool Float

American Eagle

Live your best sea creature life by floating around on an inflatable jellyfish complete with dreamy tentacles.

26Everything Bagel Pool Float


You can use this float as two halves or one whole, just don't forget the cream cheese!

27Party Unicorn Float

There are pool floats, and then there are floats that could double as pontoon boats. This is the latter, clearly. It holds up to six people comfortably — and has a built-in cooler. 

From House Beautiful Associate Market Editor

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