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Wednesday, February 20 2019
Plans for new structure at Montwell Commons

Plans for new structure at Montwell Commons announced

For several months the construction of a new building at Montwell Commons has piqued interest throughout Lewisburg.

Montwell Commons leadership and partners are now pulling back the curtain to reveal the next stage of development occurring on Jefferson Street in downtown Lewisburg. The building will be dedicated as the James Withrow Building to commemorate the James Withrow Tannery established in the early 1800s on the site of present-day Montwell Commons.

The James Withrow Building has been constructed with funds from the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation and the generous contributions of Don and Marit Withrow, descendants of the original Greenbrier County Withrows.

The Withrows first invested in development of Montwell Commons in 2015, but immediate construction was waylaid by the devastating flood of June 2016. They are pleased to see progress on the site move into the next phase

“We just started learning about the vision behind plans to develop Montwell Commons as a multi-use community space, and we thought it was such an exciting project,” says Don Withrow.

In spring, when construction is slated to be complete, a new business will take up residence in the James Withrow Building. Business owner Clay Elkins will open The Local Café & Grocer on site. The Local Café and Grocer will serve breakfast and lunch and sell regionally-sourced produce, meats, and ready-made meals to-go. Elkins’ mission is to support the local food system and make responsibly-produced food more accessible to the community.

“The Local Café and Grocer is the product of several years of research and planning. I am happy to see this project come to fruition and look forward to serving my community and partnering with others,” says Elkins.

Elkins is currently the director of food and beverage at The Greenbrier Sporting Club and brings more than 15 years of experience in the culinary world to his new venture.

Montwell Commons is a nonprofit organization under the direction of the Greenbrier Valley Restoration Project, Inc. a 501c3. Montwell Commons is focused on partnering with socially-responsible individuals and organizations with a shared interest in the development of functional public spaces that foster healthy community life through local food, physical fitness, cultural events and educational opportunities. Montwell Commons includes 7.5 acres of park-like space for walking trails, disc golf, and relaxing, as well as structures that invite community gathering and engagement while fostering local small business development.

Montwell Commons’ board of directors are Florian Schleiff, Cliff Baker, Paul Lindquist, Elizabeth Clark, Jennifer Orr, and Greg Wittkamper. To learn more about Montwell Commons or to contact the board, visit or call 304-992-2555.

Credit to Mountain Messenger

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Greg Allman, Broker

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Sunday, February 17 2019
Valentine's Day Giveaway Winner Announced

Valentine’s Day Giveaway! Winner Announced!

We recently held a Valentine’s Day giveaway contest on our Facebook page. One lucky winner would be chosen to receive a cheesecake topped with chocolate covered strawberries made specially by Amy’s Cakes and Cones in Lewisburg, WV.

IMG_8353 (Edited)

We announced the contest on February 6th and our Facebook followers quickly began to share and like the Valentine Giveaway Announcement post. We held the drawing on February 13th at Amy’s Cakes and Cones in downtown Lewisburg, WV. Amy drew the winner and REALTOR Jill Allman announced the name!  Stefani Napier Reel was the lucky winner of the cheesecake.

We love offering giveaways to our community, and by doing the giveaways we always try to support local businesses. Lewisburg and surrounding areas are so vibrant with small businesses, supporting one another helps us grow our wonderful community further!

Congratulations to Stefani, we appreciate you participating in the contest and hope you enjoy the cheesecake and strawberries!

For any real estate needs, contact us! We are happy to help!


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Thursday, February 14 2019
How to Feng Shui your Decor for LOVE

Welcome Home, Honey! How to Feng Shui Your Decor for Love

Greenbrier Real Estate Service

Feng shui, as you may have heard, teaches you how to arrange your home furnishings for maximum harmony. But there’s another perk to this ancient Chinese philosophy: It can be harnessed to improve your relationships, too.

“Feng shui in your home affects how you connect in existing relationships, or—if you’re single—your openness to meeting new potential partners,” explains Anjie Cho, an architect, feng shui expert, and author of “Holistic Spaces: 108 Ways to Create a Mindful and Peaceful Home.”

So if you’re hoping for some more lovin’ feelings in your future, here’s how feng shui can help make that happen.

Open the Bedroom

Arranging your bedroom is key, of course—and you can start as Cho has by moving your bed away from the walls. True, you may want your bed’s headboard against one wall, but at least make sure both sides of the bed are clear so they are as open and accessible as possible.

“This simple shift opened up the space both emotionally and physically so I could invite a new partner into my life,” Cho explains.

And don’t forget art in this room. “Hang pictures that represent what you want—so no frozen tundra or desert images here,” adds Kim Julen, a feng shui coach.

Ping Deters, a certified feng shui consultant, suggests a picture with two objects, such as Mandarin ducks. “This symbol is popular because these ducks are known to mate for life,” she explains.

Match the bedside tables

Equality matters when it comes to feng shui—and this includes bedside tables. Be sure your boudoir has two nightstands with matching lamps on top.

“If there isn’t room for two, then no nightstands should be used, because having only one creates an imbalance in the relationship,” reports Julen.

Pick up your stuff

Clutter is feng shui’s enemy, say the experts. If you have too much stuff, you can’t welcome your partner properly, confirms Cho.

Take out anything that makes you think of people from your past, offers Trisha Keel, a feng shui educator.

Decorate your foyer mindfully

A neat mudroom or foyer sets a welcoming atmosphere for all the inhabitants of a home—and making this space more personal can set the right tone for once you both get home.

“Adding art or physical objects that both partners love at the entry point is helpful for harmony,” says Julen. You might consider a photo you both admire or a souvenir from a recent trip taken together.

Empty a couple of drawers

If you’re looking for a new mate, good feng shui dictates that you clear out part of your closets and drawers to make mental room for them, says Keel.

“And if you’re newly married or have recently moved in together, it’s recommended that you perform a major clearing to delete any vibrations from previous relationships,” she adds. (Translation: Consider repainting the room a new color, or replacing old rugs or linens so you can make a fresh start.)

Get cookin’ in the kitchen

Guess which body part represents romance in feng shui? No, not the heart, but the stomach. As such, “it’s vital that the kitchen be used and that couples spend time here cooking, because a cold kitchen is like a cold heart,” notes Katie Weber, a feng shui practitioner and creator of Red Lotus newsletter.

You should also nurture your union with a stocked freezer and a bowl of fresh fruit.

“All people eat and if they don’t eat at home, they’ll eat out—the same goes for getting love,” warns Keel.

Set your partner a place

It seems like a small gesture, but setting the table correctly can set the stage for love, say feng shui experts.

“A place mat for you and your partner—whether you have one or would like one—shows that you honor his or her presence,” explains Julen.

Lay in bathroom supplies

Outfit your loo so your partner doesn’t have to search for the TP. Baskets for laundry, plenty of paper goods, and a trash can are musts.

If you have two sinks, make sure the mirror is one piece of glass above them, as separate mirrors bring a disconnect to the relationship, points out Julen. And while you may feel very close to your lover, respect each other’s privacy for the most harmony.

Add the fire element

Encourage love by highlighting the fire element with shades of red in your furnishings. Is a fire engine–red couch too much? Start small, like with throw pillows. Or else add the actual element of fire by lighting a candle.

Tackle the garage

Yes, even your garage could improve your relationship if you try a little feng shui! For one, not everyone can conjure up a two-car garage out of a single bay, but if you have space for two vehicles, make enough room for your partner to park, notes Keel.

“If this is your garage and it’s packed with your junk, your new love may feel ignored or disrespected,” she says.

By  | Feb 12, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy all things lovely!

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Greg Allman, Broker

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Saturday, February 02 2019
5 Trends in Exterior Home Colors

5 Trends in Exterior Home Colors


Choosing a paint color for your home’s exterior can seem like a crazily daunting task. So many options! So crucial in making the right first impression on guests or potential buyers!  Should you go with basic beige, white, or (way) outside the paintbox?

Thanks in part to influential designers like Joanna Gaines, more homeowners today are stepping away from the traditional and choosing less common modern palettes, like cheery teal or moody charcoal gray.

“We’re seeing homeowners go a bit bolder when it comes to curb appeal,” says Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at BEHR. “While variations of white traditionally make a popular exterior paint color choice for many different types of housing styles—and are an easy way to play it safe—dark grays and browns are increasing in popularity this year … [or] painting the body a bold color like green or blue, or adding a pop of red on the front door.”

Sue Kim, senior color designer at Sherwin-Williams, agrees.

“Accent colors and colorful pastels are suggesting that homeowners are taking a step outside of their comfort zone,” she says.

Here’s a look at some of the top trends in exteriors right now.

1. Sea blues

148 Sam Black Church Rd. Smoot, WV $99,955 MLS#19-78

Eager to venture beyond a neutral palette but antsy about committing to too much flash? Watery hues are a charming way to settle the conflict.

From faint skylike shades to rich jewel tones, blues can make a big splash without requiring the learning curve of more outspoken colors.

2. All black

Image result for ALL BLACK HOME

It might feel like a scary choice, but a dark exterior can really make your home (and the trim) stand out.

“An interesting trend we’ve been seeing is all-black exteriors,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “It makes a statement and is a marked departure from the light neutrals of Scandinavian design.”

It’s no surprise the look has proven a go-to for certain top-tier celebs. Whether it’s Calvin Klein’s all-black-and-glass mansion in the Hamptons or, just down the road, Madonna‘s moody black farmhouse-style compound, a black exterior demands a certain degree of chutzpah. But if you can pull the trigger, it’s a contemporary look that conveys a fearless sophistication.

3. Taupe

Photo by Atelier A Bellavance Architect 

If you’re looking for an alternative to gray, Woelfel recommends taupe—a cross between dark brown and gray.

“Grays remain a key neutral for exteriors, but warmer tones in taupe and brown are on the rise,” she says. “Taupe is a great foundation that looks stunning on a variety of architectural types and pairs well with white trim and a bright-red front door.”

But a word of caution: When going with taupe (or any shade of brown or gray, really) be sure to consider your home’s position in relation to the sun.

“It will drastically impact how the color appears,” Woelfel says.

4. Spanish moss

296 Squirrel Ridge Rd. Caldwell, WV MLS#19-134

Even if you live in the ‘burbs, a nature-inspired color can make your home look and feel more like a retreat. That’s why Vincente Wolf, a spokesman for PPG paints, recommends going with a woodsy green, like Spanish moss.

“It has all the brownish tones of tree bark, which allows the house to slip into nature and makes the greenery pop, too,” Wolf says.

5. Neutral with a bold front door

Photo by Groundskeeper

Not ready to take the plunge on a new coat for your home? Consider a fun front-door color to change the entire look of your exterior. Try a bright red, blue, or even pastel to show off your home’s personality.

“A bold color makes an impression on anyone who walks through the front door,” Woelfel says.

Article adapted from Jane Chertoff of

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