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Tuesday, May 26 2009

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Friday, May 22 2009
Donations will also be taken at the game for Derek, and all proceeds from admissions and concessions will go to his fund.
Derek Kiner, a graduating senior at Pocahontas County High School, has been diagnosed with cancer.  What was originally diagnosed as testicular cancer, it has unfortunately spread into his lymph system.  Cancer has been found on lymph nodes located on top of both of his kidneys.  Derek has already received a week of intensive chemotherapy at Indiana University, one of the leaders in cancer research and treatment in the world, and the facility where Lance Armstrong was treated for this same type of cancer.  He is facing at least 12 weeks of chemotherapy before his doctors reassess his situation.
You can read his full story and more about efforts that have been made to help him and his family at his website:
Derek is a very fine young man, and a great athlete (he is receiving a football scholarship to attend WV Tech).  He has been a fierce competitor against our own kids in several different sports, and all of our kids speak very highly of him.  He has stayed very positive through this entire process, and we want to do our part to reach out to Derek and his family. We want to show them that their fellow schools, coaches, athletes, and communities understand that life is a battle, and that there are those that want to do their part to help shoulder the burdens that life throws at us.
Please help us in our efforts to contribute a monetary donation to Derek and his family to help assist them in this fight against a terrible disease.  Please make efforts to attend our game---a basketball game to honor this young man that is also a very good basketball player in addition to his talents in football.  We are going to have coaches from Greenbrier West play against some of our young athletes, and we are also hoping that some of the Pocahontas County coaches & kids will be able to participate as well.
If you cannot attend our game but would like to make a donation, please make checks payable to “Derek Kiner Fund” and either pass along to one of the Greenbrier West coaches or send to:
City National Bank
Contributions for Derek Kiner
P.O. Box 58
Marlinton, WV  24954
The Small Things
There are many small things in life that we make a big deal about.  Like our first break-up, a fight with a friend, and of course prom.  But then, when the things that we need to make a big deal about come along it seems like the world ends and you feel stupid for making a big deal about the small things.  So remember when you’re in a fight with a friend, shopping for prom and when you break up with a guy you really like, it couldn’t be as bad as finding out your brother has cancer. -----written by Ally, Derek’s 12 year old step-sister
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Thursday, May 21 2009


The Greenbrier's perfectly manicured fairways of the Old White golf course invite you into this 3 BR/4 bath Resort Cottage. The attention to detail during a complete 2007 rebuild is striking, including a gourmet open kitchen, marble bathrooms, added sunroom and enlarged side porch. The spacious, yet comfortable living room, foyer and dining room compliment a master suite with spacious custom closet and bath. Every detail was considered, including an invisible sound system throughout this home. Quality workmanship, great location and quick occupancy make this home very special. Call for more details. Listing # 09-311

Gregory E Allman, Broker
Greenbrier Real Estate Service
118 E. Washington Street
Lewisburg, WV 24901
304-645-2255 Office
304-646-1500 Direct Dial

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Monday, May 18 2009

The North House
301 West Washington Street

The North/Dennis House
209 South Lafayette Street

The Greenbrier Historical Society is pleased to announce their biennial fundraiser, “Lemonade & Lavender” Historic Home and Garden Tour on Saturday, June 13, 2009. This year, 4 homes of both architectural and historical significance to the area, a one of a kind guest house, a historic church and two lavish gardens will be open for the public to tour from 10am to 4pm. Features of this year’s tour in Lewisburg include the Cottage Belle Garden, the John A. North House, The North/Dennis House, the Merry Hill Caboose Guest House and Formal Garden and the Turner Home at Walnut Hill. In addition to these, the Martin House and St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church are included in revitalized neighboring community of Ronceverte, West Virginia.

The North/Dennis House, at 209 South Lafayette Street in Lewisburg, a charming historic house tucked away on Lot No. 60 of Lewisburg’s Original 64 Lots. Lot 60 was sold to Alexander Porter on April 1, 1795 for 5 pounds. The next recorded conveyance of Lot 60 was in 1844 when it was conveyed to John A. North, who lived in “the second North House” across the street. Between 1795 and 1844 a house was built on the property and in 1868 was conveyed to Amanda Knapp, daughter of Julia Ann Westfall. Currently the home is owned by Ms. Carol Phippen of Lewisburg.

Visitors are greeted by a delightful cottage garden and picket fence at the front entrance. The front four rooms of this picturesque residence contain all original floors, fireplaces, mantles and woodwork. In the cozy front parlor, a private staircase at the back of the room leads to two bedrooms, also with original floors and woodwork. The intimate dining room with fireplace leads to a large family room with an exposed brick noggin. During the recent restoration, wainscoting and beams from a replaced bedroom were used in this family room. A downstairs bedroom, bath and delightful new kitchen were also created. The home is furnished throughout with period antiques, interesting artwork and decorative painting. This little treasure is sure to be highlight of this year’s tour.

The North House, at 301 West Washington Street in Lewisburg, was built as a private residence for John North and his wife Charlotte in 1820. It later became the Star Tavern owned by James Frazier in 1836. In the 1900’s this national register home became an important building on the campus of Greenbrier Women’s College, being used as the home for a number of the presidents and faculty. Finally, in 1994 the Greenbrier Historical Society gained ownership of the house for their priceless collections and to continue the ongoing preservation of Greenbrier County’s treasured past. Since that time the home has undergone major renovations. In September, 2004 the new Robert Telford Wing was unveiled as well as the repairs made to restore the home to its original splendor. Narrow 1920’s flooring was removed to uncover the original, yellow pine plank flooring. Layers of paints were removed to discover the original color of the interior walnut woodwork that was hand carved by Conrad Burgess, a well known 19th century craftsman in the region. The home is meticulously decorated with antiques of the period that are connected to Greenbrier County and its founders.

Proceeds from this special event will benefit the Greenbrier Historical Society’s North House Museum. The funds raised will help to eliminate the debt incurred from the Millennium Restoration of the North House. Tickets are $15 each and may be purchased in advance at the North House Museum, the Open Book and The General Lewis Inn after May 18th. Tickets will also be available the day of the event at any of the homes featured on the tour. For more information or to reserve your tickets in advance, call (304)645-3398 or visit

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Wednesday, May 13 2009

Lee and Generals

Was Abraham Lincoln the iconic "Great Emancipator" who freed the slaves and held the United States together by the force of his political will? Or was he a monster who violated the Constitution, suspended habeas corpus and made thousands of people "political prisoners", laid economic waste to the South and killed hundreds of thousands in an unnecessary War, and single-handedly changed the face of American government into something the Founding Fathers had not contemplated?

Modern views of the Civil War hold that it was about nothing more than freeing the slaves. Yet even Lincoln himself once said if he could preserve the Union and not free a single slave, he would do so. What exactly was it that made this nation do the unthinkable and divide, and fight a bloody War over whether or not the Union would be preserved? Why would thousands on non-slaveholding Southerners fight, and die for the Cause of the Confederacy? Was it the oppressive tariffs imposed by a northern-dominated Congress on the South? Or was it that Lincoln, in the aftermath of his 1858 "House Divided" speech, posed a grave threat to Southern beliefs about states' rights, self-governance and the intended meaning of the Constitution?

May 15-17, 2009, in Lewisburg, WV, you will have an unparalleled opportunity to both challenge and pay tribute to the story of Abraham Lincoln. As seen through the eyes of "Lee's Lieutenants" Abraham Lincoln, Federal generals and others you will hear the views, memories, and opinions of those who were leaders of the respective sides, and who fought the War for Freedom, or for Union. You will be able to meet, discuss issues with, and question these personas in a close and comfortable setting on the grounds of Greenbrier Community College, and in the streets of Lewisburg. For anyone with even a passing interest in this era that so powerfully shaped our nation, you will find this to be a fresh, eye-opening, and not-to-be-missed event.

Saturday May 16

10 a.m. – Meet the Confederate Generals. General Robert E. Lee and his Lieutenants including Generals Jackson, Longstreet, Pickett, Early and Armistead will give their perspectives on President Lincoln.

11 a.m. – Meet the Union Generals – General U.S. Grant,, his chief of staff, General Rawlings, Generals Buford and Averell and Colonel George Crook, victor in the Battle of Lewisburg, will give their perspectives on President Lincoln.

12 noon – President Abraham Lincoln on his political difficulties with Copperheads, Southern sympathizers in the North and draft riots in New York.

The Battle of Lewisburg Living History & Reenactment has been selected by the Southeast Tourism Society as one of the top 20 events for May 2009.

For more information contact the Greenbrier County CVB 1-800-833-2068 or

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Friday, May 08 2009

A West Virginia businessman, who made millions in farming and coal, is the new owner of the famed Greenbrier Resort.

The stunning announcement came today from The Greenbrier that Jim Justice has purchased the financially-troubled resort.

The purchase price was not disclosed. The purchase includes 80 percent of The Greenbrier Sporting Club which is an upscale housing development.

“I’m very excited to become part of one of America’s finest traditions,” Justice was quoted as saying in new release from the Greenbrier.

(Justice will be a guest Friday at 10:06 on Metronews Talkline)

The announcement is a stunning development in the unfolding story of the luxurious resort.

Earlier this year, the Greenbrier filed for bankruptcy after losing $35 million last year. Owner CXS announced at the same time that it had entered into an agreement with the Marriott Corporation, creating an opportunity for the worldwide hotel chain to buy the resort.

Last week, the labor unions representing most of the 1,400 hundred workers at the Greenbrier County resort announced they had reached new labor agreements. The unions and CSX had been trying unsuccessfully for months to get new contracts.

The Greenbrier is a significant landmark in West Virginia as well as one of the most well-known luxury resorts in the world. However, the last few years have been rough for the resort.

Competing resorts offering more amenities have pulled business away from the Greenbrier as the resort’s costs have risen. Labor problems combined with the downturn in the economy also hurt.

Justice said he wants to look to the future.

“Our near-term goal is to give The Greenbrier a fresh start,” Justice said. Even though the current economy is taking its toll on the resort, we are going to take a long-term view by focusing on reclaiming our five-star status and making the right investments for future growth.”

CSX CEO Michael Ward called the surprise development a “great result.”

“While this is an entirely different kind of transaction than expected,” Ward said, “this is a great result for The Greenbrier, its employees, the community, and CSX.

Justice sent a letter to Greenbrier employees introducing himself and detailing his plans, including gambling.

“As part of our long-term growth plans, I think we should look seriously at the potential for ‘tasteful’ gaming at The Greenbrier,” Justice said. “It is certainly not our panacea, but done correctly it could add to our allure.”

Voters last election approved gambling at the Greenbrier and the legislature approved a bill this last session allowing the resort to keep a larger share of the profits than originally designed, but the same percentage as the race tracks.

Justice is a long-time West Virginia businessman who made millions in agriculture and coal.

The Raleigh County native and Marshall graduate joined the family business in 1976, the started Bluestone Farms the following year. That enterprise grew to include 50,000 acres in four states.

His business empire expanded even more when he took over Bluestone Industries and Bluestone Coal Corporation after the death of his father in 1993. A profile released by The Greenbrier said “Throughout the late 1990’s, Jim focused Bluestone on a massive growth program acquiring tens of thousands of acres of quality coal reserves along with production skyrocketing.”

Justice is also an avid sports fan; he coaches the girl’s high school basketball team at Greenbrier East.


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Tuesday, May 05 2009

The City of Lewisburg is pleased to announce a free one-day parking pass option for visitors to town who wish to come and spend the day shopping, browsing and eating. Downtown parking is now limited to 2 hours. The one-day parking pass will eliminate visitors getting a parking ticket when visiting the downtown area. “I hope this will help generate more time spent in the downtown shops and restaurants without the fear of being ticketed,” says Lewisburg Mayor John Manchester. The parking passes are available at Lewisburg City Hall, Lewisburg Police Department and the Greenbrier County Convention and Visitors Bureau now located in the Brier Inn complex. Simply stop by any of the three locations and present a driver’s license from out of the area to obtain your pass. “In these challenging economic times this program is a simple thing the city can do to make visitors feel welcome,” says Mayor Manchester.

For more information, contact Bonita Sienkiewicz at (304) 645-3776 ext. 114.

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Monday, May 04 2009

The West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM), Lewisburg, WV has just been recognized in two categories in the 2010 edition of “America’s Best Graduate Schools” WVSOM is ranked in Rural Medicine #15 and Family Medicine ranked #17. This is the 11th consecutive year that WVSOM has been ranked by the US News magazine.

The results of the ranking were calculated from a survey of 126 fully accredited allopathic (MD) and osteopathic (DO) medical schools from across the country. The publication of the U.S. News & World Report graduate school magazine and the America’s Best Graduate Schools guidebook are now available in newsstands beginning April 28th.

Congratulations to the WVSOM Faculty, Staff and Students.

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